La Chicharra

Left: Martinez performing circuits. Right: A Musical Instrument by Martinez.

La Chicharra is an experimental album of electro-acoustic noise, drones, sounds, rock and roll, and murder ballads by artist Cristobal Martinez. The compositions archived in La Chicharra use instrument scores that include electronic musical instruments, computational algorithms, hacked human-computer interfaces, acoustic instruments, and field recordings. All of the computational algorithms, hacked interfaces, and electronic musical instruments are designed, built, and performed by Martinez. La Chicharra is a chronicle of sonic metaphors and narratives about Northern New Mexico and the greater borderlands. This body of work is inspired by traditional stories, memories, tragedies, sleaze rock radio, and composer perceptions of the land. According to Martinez, who was born and raised in New Mexico, “The sounds published on this blog are a signal fire — a prayer to the people, lands, and water I am from; a memory of my ancestors; a memorial to those who have disappeared; and a predator upon all in power who choose to irradiate our lands.”